All about 20% GPS-PH but what about Sarawak rights under MA63?

Kuching – Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak (PBDS) highlighted that the 20% is rather being the hot topic nowadays between both PH Sarawak and GPS but none of both, had even bother to talk about the next course of action for the return of Sarawak autonomous rights under MA63.

President Cobbold John stressed that both PH Sarawak and GPS are disputing back and forth on the 5% and 20% but does not have any update on the next course of action for restoring Sarawak rights under MA63.

“Ever since PETRONAS had filed legal action against Sarawak government, it seems like the only thing which both parties from PH Sarawak and GPS are interested to talk about, is the oil royalties matters until now, what happen to the bigger picture of the main agenda for Sarawak autonomous rights? What happen to the guarantee protection of Sarawak rights as one of the sovereign states which forms the Federation of Malaysia under MA63 and Malaysia Constitution? Has it been highly overshadowed by these 2 factions (PH Sarawak and GPS) intentionally? questioned PBDS President, Cobbold John.

“PH Sarawak is defending its manifesto by making its strong points on the 20% royalty or profit sharing proposal but they too must remember, that as the federal government of the day and as Sarawakian, shouldn’t they be more concern about restoring Sarawak rights first? By convincing their headquarters in Malaya to respect what was agreed, only by doing so, then they could justify their manifesto on Sarawak’s oil & gas royalties and profit issues. Why not just restore 100% of Sarawak rights first instead? Are they afraid that by doing so, it might go against the favour of PETRONAS?” asked Cobbold.

“GPS has all the opportunities to restore Sarawak rights during their BN Sarawak days, ever since the proclamations of emergency act under article 150 was lifted Nov 2011 onwards but didn’t bother to do anything at all, until the late Tok Nan was the Chief Minister then, the restoration of Sarawak rights had finally begun. But after Tok Nan passed away, the action towards restoration had cooled down, leaving a big opening for criticism, in which GPS should not blamed anyone for it but themselves. Only after leaving BN, they begun to talk, voice and speak up daringly as Sarawakians, claiming Sarawak had been bullied all these years, why showing their Sarawakism nature now? Why not before? Sarawakians had been voicing it out since the lifted of the emergency proclamations, why not start the restoration fight back then? Why not continue on the fight after tok nan but rather waited till they leave BN in order to show their bravery to speak up? What If PH did not win the federal election, will GPS leave BN and still speak out daringly like they do today?” queried Cobbold.

“Sarawakians wants to see the restoration of its autonomy and if time spent on percentage for oil & gas royalty or profit issue could be replaced with the fight for restoration of Sarawak rights, at least we can see initiative had been carried out by both sides of the faction but now, how sincere is PH willing to restore Sarawak’s rights back to its origin state which still remains a big question and how sincere is GPS finally having the guts to finally speak up for Sarawak, is it for the sake of their political survival and well being? It still remains as a doubt, in everyone’s mind,” stressed Cobbold.

PBDS opined that PH Sarawak should now officially kick start its fight for justice of Sarawak’s rights, as they should know by now, it is not just about their manifesto for Sarawak alone, it is about Sarawak rights being as one of the equal partners as the three (3) sovereign nations which forms Malaysia. If PH Sarawak were to enable and fulfil its restoration, there is no such need to further politicise the oil royalties issue, they only need to ensure federal complies with Sarawak rights as how it is spelled in MA63 and provide continuous assurance to guarantee that Sarawak autonomy is duly honoured under the Malaysian Constitution. Let Sarawak determined and dictate its way forward as how an automous state should be.

“Restore back all the amendments made during the proclamations of emergency period to its origin by making Sarawak an official equal partnership as one of three nation originally, as how a true nation’s partnership is supposed to be, i.e., just like United Kingdom. Will there be any guarantee that PH federal government shall or will allow Sarawak to be empowered based on its autonomous rights? We will just have to wait and see as of now,” added Cobbold again.

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