MA63: Either stick with the fight or accept sweet offer of compromise? – Bobby William

Miri – This past months statements of oil & gas royalties issue has been quite “push & pull” predicament. From fighting for Sarawak rights as how it is spelled in MA63 and also offering up to 20% royalties.

PH Sarawak Chairman, Chong Chieng Jen, whom is also the current deputy minister of domestic trade and consumer affairs, should reflect on what is his so called “new deal” offering to Sarawak. Chong, is talking as if he is not a Sarawakian anymore, by willingly to compromise Sarawak’s rights by offering a new deal which comes with terms and conditions to state government.

“The way that Chong present his proposal of the new deal just shows that he do not understand the importance of upholding Sarawak rights at all; as a Sarawakian, he should know better, but instead, he is acting as if Sarawak’s rights can be compromised in anyway and even have the guts to imposed terms and conditions upon it, as such, it is no doubt, truly ridiculous and preposterous in a way”, added Bobby.

Although they offer 20% of oil royalty, but indirectly they had even helped Tun Mahathir to complete the cycle of being a state of federalism.

Indirectly, Sarawak not only loses its oil royalty, but it also signifies the loss of identity as a country within the Federation of Malaysia. PH Sarawak made the same mistake as Sarawak lawmakers did by agreeing with the PDA 1974 before. PH is making it sound as though that the State’s O&G and also the Sales Tax belongs to the Federal government entirely and to which, they are clearly not at all. So it ‘s not up to them to dictate how or what, etc, the State wants to spend it or invest it on.

“Who is Chong to hold the State to ransom? The O&G belongs to the State. The State should dictate the Terms & Conditions, and not those of whom are from Federal”, questioned Bobby.

Meanwhile, the state government’s action to empower the OMO 1954 from July 1, 2018, was seen as a late one. The former Prime Minister Najib and Abang Jo have also had a bad impact on Sarawak based on past BN governance.

Based on the above, both PHs and GPS are obviously not a good transparent government. Their political ochestra is only based on their political game to obscure the people’s eyes and subsequently take advantage of Sarawak’s natural resources.

“Let’s look at the facts as Sarawakians, are we requesting for an increased of O&G royalties or the “whole enchilada” of Sarawak autonomous rights in MA63? If we want MA63 to be honoured and respected as how it was agreed prior to formation, shouldn’t we just focus towards such objectives instead of being influenced by other means which could compromise such focus?”, said PBDS Supreme Council member and Information Chief, Bobby William.

It is an undeniable fact and also known that the Federation of M’sia was formed with Sarawak based on equal partnership and not supposed to be as a subordinate subservient to the Federal government or Malaya as a whole. “By accepting whatever offer which might compromise the full recognition of Sarawak’s autonomous rights shows clearly the weaknesses of the State leaders of Sarawak, when they continue to give the impression their willingness, to accept or to established any “new deal offer”, in the expense of the “Sarawak autonomous rights”.

“Why do Sarawak need to be offered a new deal, when the State’s Autonomy alone speaks for itself, as it was instituted and constituted as an integral part of the Malaysian agreement during its formation of the Federation?” questioned Bobby.

“In actual fact, Sarawakians expects their Sarawak’s State leader to “Tell OFF” Federal, to restore back the State’s Autonomy to its original state, as how it was when the Federation was formed initially. It is not supposed to looked as though Sarawak, is demanding for something new, it is something which had been long overdue since article 150 proclamation of emergency was lifted on November 2011.

“The main question is why the Federal still ignoring the rights of Sarawak by sidelining the main topics instead and thus, delaying the matters by coming up with deal offers in delaying the matters? It only shows that the current federal government had obviously failed to meet this basic requirement from the State, based on such manner, Sarawak has every grounds and rights, to review back its current position of being part of the current Federation. We are not asking for more or for less. We are just asking for our State’s Rights, as how it was originally constituted in the Constitution, when the Federation was formed,” explained Bobby.

That is what every Sarawakian expectation from State leaders, is not requesting the State leaders “To Ask” for Sarawak rights to be return but “To Tell” and “Demand” for Federal to restore back, what was Sarawak’s Rights, during the formation of the federation.

“55 years in the making, the State leaders should have more than enough lessons learned over the years. The bitter pains hidden underneath the Sarawakians’ smiling faces, for the past 55 years, have caused more than enough miseries for Sarawakians to constantly remind themselves of their experiences they had undergone, for being too complacent, too naive and too accomodative and also willing to be compromised over the years.

Since the current Sarawak government, GPS, had suddenly have the guts to voice out and speak up now, after being so compromising and obedient in the past. Based on such track records, it is best that GPS to seriously consider to reflect on themselves for what they are doing behind the scene and not just leveraging over the MA63 issue just for sake of their political well being and survival, because all Sarawakians are watching now and knows very well of their ways of “trick or treat”.

Therefore, the Sarawak people should reject the Malayan Party and GPS, as both are opportunist in leveraging over Sarawak rights, as a platform for their political interests. The right choice is Sarawak Baru Alliance which will be set up by local Sarawak opposition parties, whom are sincere in championing the rights of Sarawakians which are embodied in MA63 and also exclusive rights of Sarawak people for their land ownership.

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