Bau – A recent event which involved a female teacher of a primary school in Baram was burnt to death while two others suffered burns which a fire broke out at their quarters in the wee hours yesterday was a very sad event for the Dayak community in Baram.

The statement has been made by Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak Baru (PBDS) Women Chief, Sylvia Anak John Gemok today at PBDS Bau Branch Office.

“PBDS and its members would like to give our grievous condolences to the family of Catherine Janet Tiwi for their loss, whom was a teacher at SK Penghulu Baya Malang but the incident took place at SK Batu Bungan during a school camp gathering, attended by three primary schools in the area namely, SK Batu Bungan, SK Penghulu Baya Malang and SK Long Panai” Sylvia said

“The dreadful event occurred was believed that a fire had started from the living room of one of its quarters. Apparently, if the school and teacher’s quarters were to have power supply, the fire might not had even occur during wee hours in the morning”

“It seems that Sarawak state government and ministry of education had neglected the needs of rural schools with the basic necessities of infrastructure and the safety concern of its teachers and students. PBDS recalled a press statement by the previous Minister of Public Utilities Datuk Amar Awang Tengah Ali Hassan, who is currently the deputy chief minister of Sarawak, whom had said in a borneo post press release that 95 percent of the rural people to have 24 hours electricity by end of 2013 in the past? What had happen to the promises today? Did they achieve 95 percent at all?” Sylvia questioned

“The recent diesel supply problem had also cause an issue to all rural schools which are mostly still using generators for power supplies, where is the 95 percent of 24 hours power supply which was promised? Sadly, it is truly a disappointment that Sarawak state government had failed the rural Dayak Native Indigenous people of Sarawak by not keeping its promises to achieve the needed rural transformation” further Sylvia

“The basic power supplies never really achieved 95 percent for all rural Dayak areas throughout Sarawak as claimed, now is already 2018, did they achieved it? Because if they did, it should be 100% by now, since 2013 had passed 5 years ago” she said.

“Ministry of education had failed the Sarawak people as well as Manyin as State Education Minister is also held accountable for this problem. How many more rural schools need to be burn down in order for state and federal ministry, especially the ministry of works, to finally open their eyes to the prolonged delayed matters to securely provide rural Dayak communities, the basic necessities such as roads, power supplies and water?”

“Since now Malaysia is under a new federal government, PBDS opined PH to look into the matter seriously and urgently, especially the new minister of works, Yang Behormat Baru Bian. We hope that the current government does not repeat the mistakes of the past government, in providing the basic necessities needed by our rural Dayak people”, Sylvia said.

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