Sarawak Day Sarawak Rights – Cobbold John Lusoi PBDS

Kuching – Sarawak Day is a patriotic celebrations and it is a symbol of Sarawak nationalism when Sarawakians are united as one against the colonisation made by the British colonial government. This is the day when Sarawak had granted it’s self-governance by the colonial government themselves.

This year, it is more significant for all Sarawakian as a whole, because Sarawakians are now more fully aware about its autonomous rights under the Malaysian Agreement 1963 (MA63). Especially after the proclamations of emergency was lifted on Nov 2011, Sarawakians are looking forward to the restoration of its autonomous rights which should be in accordance as how it was originally spelled out in MA63. This is the proudest moment for all Sarawakians to regain its rights as how a secular nation supposed to be, with democracy and equal partnership as how the formation came about originally which forms Malaysia initially.

Proud to be Anak Sarawak

For the long run, hopefully, the young generation will always remember how Sarawak once was an independent country back then, and had been through a series of colonization by Japanese and British until it merged with Malaya, North Borneo and then, Singapore to form the Federation of Malaysia before Singapore broke away in 1965 to form it’s own fully developed independence nation.

The awareness of importance which makes Sarawak stand out from any other states in Malaysia, had always been its people whom are able to live in peace and harmony, even though multi ethnicities of custom and cultures are different, yet still, all Sarawakians are borned into a harmoneous way of living their life, as part of an integral habitual characteristic which comes naturally, such as honour, respect and equality amongst communities. You cannot find any more multiracial, multi-cultured and multi-religion based communities anywhere else in Malaysia, as Sarawak had been a proven example of how a secular nation should be; there’s no where else in Malaysia, could anyone find a church and mosque as neighbours, giving way to each other on their repective parking space during mass prayer, supporting while protecting each other to maintain its harmony. This is what we hope for the younger generation to inherit, to remember and to live by, as a true secular democratic citizens in their hearts and soul as Sarawakians.

Our Expectations of being Anak Dayak Negara Sarawak

Our expectation from this annual event that hopefully, it not only could create the historical impact but also to educate our young generations and develop our own Sarawak independent economic growth. The most important thing is to celebrate the unity of our multi-ethnicity here in Sarawak, as one unified Sarawakian race. With that, the rise of the nation-states has made nationalism the most successful political ideology since circa the nineteenth century. Such stirring of the nationalist passion has always led men to step forward and sacrifice themselves for the nation. Seeing Malaysia through the ethnic lens and referring to a host of statistical data, i argues that the exclusion of the Dayaks, by the Malays Melanaus ans Chinese, from political process has led the former to lag behind latter economically. Hence, only through the capture and control of political power will they be able to alleviate their condition. Dayakism or Dayak nationalism is therefore a political movement born out of political and economic peripheralisation. Sarawakism is therefore political movement of being proud of Sarawakian, the land of hornbill and 722 is the day to be remembered by Sarawakians as the landmark of nationalism.

God bless Negara Sarawak

As we are preparing to celebrate our big day here in Sarawak, we will never forget that Malaya is part of Malaysia and Malaya was also the one who formed this federation, by inviting Sarawak to be part of it as an equal partner. We as Malaysian, often celebrate “Merdeka Day” on 31st August to mark our independence day from British colonization. But never revealed the real story or reason why we had to celebrate their (Malaya) “Big Day” without any proper explanation. We can accept “Malaysia Day” (celebrated every 16th September every year) to mark our independence day as a symbol for us to fight for freedom, colonisation, and also the formation of the federation. But sadly, for years, this day had became an “underrated day”. I can’t blame the mindset of most Malaysians which blame “Sarawak Day” as symbol of separatism but history is history, and as Sarawakians, we cannot deny our historical facts. You can’t hide it forever even though they’re tried to change it. As the truth prevail, we cannot blame most of Sarawakians being furious about the matter because the truth had been hidden for so long. It’s time to remedy this mistake by honouring our “Big Day” and most of all, the Malaysia Agreement 1963.

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