Assurance of autonomous rights, Federal Government shall interfere – PBDS

Kuching – Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak (PBDS) calling the Federal Government led by Pakatan Harapan to intefere in the recent crisis between Sarawak state government and PETRONAS. PBDS will monitor and hold on to the promises made by Sarawak Chief Minister and PH which ensured the return of Sarawak’s autonomous rights to its state governance.

Chief Minister, Abang Johari, it seems that he is rather confident that Sarawak government shall regain its rights as spelled out in Malaysia Agreement 1963 (MA63).

Ever since the federation government lifted the three (3) existing emergency proclamations, rendering the Emergency Public Order and Prevention of Crime Ordinance 1969 (EO) void on November 24, 2011 previously, in accordance with the clause (7) under Article 150 of the Federal Constitution, the EO would lapse in six months after the date of the proclamations are lifted.

The former Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak had tabled the motion to revoke the emergency laws back in November, 2011. The three proclamations which was being lifted were:

1) 1966 Emergency Proclamation issued in Sarawak for the state to resolve its political disputes;

2) 1969 Emergency Proclamation issued following the May 13 racial riots; and

3) 1977 Emergency Proclamation issued in Kelantan on Nov 8, 1977 to resolve the state’s political disputes.

Based on the above mentioned, during the existence period of the proclamations previously, such empowerment had gave the federal government to make laws without passing them through Parliament, under Article 150 of the Federal Constitution.

“However, after ex- PM Najib had motion these proclamations to be lifted, the government no longer has the power to make laws under Article 150 and Najib has also stated that the government is always ready to make changes in the law in accordance with current needs” said Cobbold.

PBDS believes that clause (7) under article 150 which clearly had states that at the expiration of a period of six months beginning with the date on which a Proclamation of Emergency ceases to be in force, any ordinance promulgated in pursuance of the Proclamation and, to the extent that it could not have been validly made but for this Article any law made while the Proclamation was in force, shall cease to have effect, except as to things done or omitted to be done before the expiration of that period.

It clearly shows that what had been initiated by the late ex-Chief Minister Adenan Satem, which was being carried out by current Chief Minister Abang Jo, thus show legitimacy of the facts pointed out that there is no obstacle in the way of Sarawak autonomous rights to be returned, as how it was initially stipulated legally in Malaysia Agreement 1963 (MA63).

Meawhile, Cobbold believes PETRONAS must have blessing from Putrajaya prior to file court action to Sarawak Government. He said, “hot air” Abang Jo had led to what happened today. PBDS said, Taib, the present Governor shall be answerable on his involvement in PDA1974.

“There must no hidden agenda and no more drama. PBDS wants the current Sarawak CM to keep his promises, as based on current circumstances, there’s no further excuses anymore to prolonged the matter. Thus, PH has agreed that whatever rights which belongs to Sarawak, shall be return to Sarawak respectively, as stipulated in thier manifesto”, said Cobbold.

Henceforth, since many amendments was made during the period of proclamation under article 150, PBDS opined to Sarawak state government and its assemblyman to review back all the previous amended federal constitution act which does not adhered to Sarawak constitution act and or stipulated in MA63, by making the necessary amendments needed.

“Here is our stand as to why we had not apply to join Pakatan Harapan, we want the federal government to return all our rights in MA63 to us. As a local Sarawak political party, PBDS does not oppose, just for the sake of opposing, but only oppose to what is not right, especially when it comes to Sarawakian’s rights as a whole, beside the Dayak indigenous communities’ rights”, said Cobbold clearly.

As such, PBDS shall continue to monitor and voice out where necessary, the Sarawakian’s rights, especially when promises for such rights was made by the Chief Minister openly. PBDS shall hold on to the promises which was made not only by Sarawak Chief Minister but the entire Sarawak state Cabinet and Assemblyman to ensure that Sarawak has its rights returned as promised.

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