The Dayak Dilemma


By dayaknewsportal@DNP

More often than not, there are three solutions to the Dayak issues with respect to the CM and the TYT’s posts.

It is either the Dayak,
■ Accept it,
■ Change it or
■ Leave it”.

If the Dayak couldn’t accept the current situation, then they should do something about it, i.e., to look for the possible ways to “Change it”. However, if the Dayak couldn’t make up their mind, then they should just remain in the status quo, i.e. “Don’t Change it, just leave it”, as it is.

Having stated the above, looking at the current situation today, i.e. no matter how the Dayak were being percieved by their own community, for instance, like being treated with bias, being sideline, being discriminated, ‘awak kemudian”, and so on, etc. by those that are in the ‘corridor of power’, the Dayak in reality (base on their current state), seems to be happy at the way they are, at the moment. Infact, they are still comfortable hibernating in their comfort zone.

Why is it so?

If the Dayak really felt that they are being pushed to the walls and that they have been pushed to their maximum limits, then the Dayak would have immediately done something about it. However, base on the current situation, it does look like, business is still going, as usual.

Therefore, the Dayak might also asked themselves the following questions.

*Has the Dayak really given up on the idea to have their leaders, becoming the CM and the TYT?

Is the Dayak really hard-up of ideas, to breakaway from the current norm?

However, one of the key factor, that lingers in my mind, is none other than, the “the Dayak’s determination drive towards the transfornation change, has not exceeded their willpower to remain status-quo in their comfort state.”

The current Dayak leaders from all the political divides, as well as the Dayak community leaders, need to board onboard the same “boat” and to subscribe to the same idea towards a Transformation Change, and thereafter, the Dayak masses, will follow suit onboard, slowly but surely.

The Dayak needs a “Starter” to kickstart the idea for the Transformation Change and to create the momentum wave, to lead the way, to open the path towards the transformation of the new Dayak awakenning. Ideally, this Starter, could be one or more from the current political leaders or from the pool of the able community leaders.

It’s easier said than done, because, presently, the Dayak are well known for their divisiveness among themselves, preferring to go onboard in many different boats, i.e. with their preference skippers. However, sadly, they still don’t have the urge to compromise and have a flagship, i.e. being captained by a Paramount Chief, that is being accepted unanimously by the Dayak community, who could command and bring all those different Dayak boats together.

Therefore, until the Dayak consolidate and brings themselves together, to unite and recognized themselves, being one Dayak by having one Paramount Chief, the idea towards the new Dayak awakenning, i.e. to achieve the ultimate goal, for the Dayak to helm the CM and the TYT’s posts, will still remain, just an elusive dream.

The road towards their ultimate goal is still a far distant away, with many bridges to be constructed, and Iinked. Until then, business will still be as usual and the Dayak, just go with the flow.

To be relevant, it’s either the Dayak go fo a drastic transformation change, or their transformation change, will be driven and transformed, by the Others.

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