Dayak Development Berhad (DDB) holds its first protem working committee meeting

Sibu – The promoters of Dayak Development Berhad (DDB) hold its first meeting at Sibu recently. The historic gathering was held on 05th May at Rejang Restaurant, Sibu.

The meeting was chaired by Judah Anom, the DDB founder. In his statement, Judah said, the agenda of the meeting is as a pre requisite for its first General Meeting in June.

“DDB is a company entity which owned by everyone of its members. The modus operandi is through Crowd Funding Concept (CFC) which is to gather a modal from its members as a capital to run the business”, he said.

“We are targeting around 1500 to 2000 Dayak as a member. The unique about DDB and CFC concept is, whereby, every members are the shareholders and not the investor”, he said in his statement.

“We have also discussed the business plan and will be presented during meet up with members next month. We will explain the processes of registering a company and the cost incurred will be presented”, he said.

DDB protem committe had finalised the BOD positions and uninamously agreed for 5 office barriers to be elected during the General Meeting.

“Yes, the 5 office barriers are Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Legal and Administrative. Meanwhile, CEO post will be appointed after the General Meeting”, he said.

The idea of DDB came from one of the popular WhatsApp Group Dayak Baru Agenda. The group founder, Julius Enchana in his statement said, DDB could a grand design of Dayak economic concept.

Dayak Development Berhad Protem Working Committe Chairman, Judah Anom, Vice Chairman Incham Serdin, Secretary Uncha Remang, Treasurer John Sinni Benang and Legal Advisor Alpha Dragam.

Among those present were Judah Anom (Chairman), Uncha Remang (Secretary), John Sinni Benang (Treasurer) Jawi, Moses, Rodney and Julius (Committee Members).

One thought on “Dayak Development Berhad (DDB) holds its first protem working committee meeting

  1. Paling banyak party politik dimalaysia adalah party politik milik orang iban di sarawak tapi semua party politik milik iban sarawak juga merupakan party politik yang tidak berguna kerana menteri menteri iban tidak mampu mengangkat bangsa iban untuk maju dan setanding dengan bangsa Melayu/Cina/india
    Di malaysia.
    Sudah nak dekat 100 tahun Malaysia ditubuhkan namun bangsa iban tetap bangsa yang mundur dan miskin.


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