Sri Aman needs a paradigm economic development – Cobbold John

SRI AMAN – Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak Baru(PBDS Baru) President Cobbold John, who is also the P. 202 Sri Aman candidate, emphasized economic development if elected as Sri Aman parliamentary representative.

According to him, the Sri Aman parliamentary constituency has many tourism and economic potentials attraction which can be carried out to enhance the local economy. This will provide more job opportunities, as well as upgrading the livelihood of the local communities here.

“In Sri Aman we can promote water sports and recreational activities as well as various activities at Sri Aman rivers and riverbank to attract more local and foreign tourists. For example, Benak Festival is the famous local attraction for Sri Aman,” said Cobbold

“In addition, the production of honey, homestay accommodation, bird’s nest and so forth, should be emphasized in the village from Balai Ringin to Sri Aman, and factories need to be built to create potential job opportunities “said Cobbold

Cobbold also proposes the export of agricultural products and local fruits to abroad, such as cassava, banana, musang king durian and also “Dayak terong”.

“Therefore, Sri Aman should have its own airport because it will open up bigger opportunities for improve developments and also to boost up the economy in this area and to encourage export the local agricultural products,” added Cobbold.

Cobbold also emphasized that better infrastructure provided to local community because so far many local community are still selling thier agriculture product on the sidewalk.

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