SRI AMAN – Presiden Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak Baru (PBDS Baru), Cobbold John who is also a PBDS Baru candidate for P. 202 Sri Aman urges the Malaysian government to provide recognition to the ethnicity of Dayak at the national and international levels.

According to him, the Sarawak Dayak ethnic term is required to be included in the Malaysian Constitution and the term “BUMIPUTERA SARAWAK” and “LAIN-LAIN” is preferably to be replaced with “DAYAK” in the official form for Sarawak. This is to say that “DAYAK is now more preferably to be known as DAYAK instead of “BUMIPUTERA” or “LAIN-LAIN”. “The recognition of the term DAYAK is utmost important for our Sarawak native indigenous community and it is the priority in our manifesto and it is also under clause one (1) in our manifesto. Henceforth, the term Bumiputera is actually a category which only collectively describes those whom are indigenous from various parts of Malaysia as a whole, it is not an actual term of ethnicity of race.”

“Also, for Sarawak, the “Majlis Adat Istiadat Bumiputera” should be replaced with Majlis Adat Istiadat DAYAK” and that the “Bumiputera Court” should be replaced with “Dayak Court” where it will further strengthen the institution on the National level and shall be equivalent to the Syariah Court and as well as The High Court. For doing so, it shall unite the Sarawak Dayak native and its communities in general, but do not worry, because such a term shall not affect the Non-Dayak race, where Malays still are protected under the Syariah Court and also the Chinese shall be protected under the High Court” Cobbold emphasized.

“For Dayak Customary Rights (NCR) land cases, its cases should be decided only at Dayak Court, therefore we demand that the Dayak Court be equal with the Syariah Court and High Court level. Even though it is a known fact that Dayak NCR land owners has won many cases in the High Court and also Court of Appeal but unfortunately, still loses its cases when it comes to the Federal Court. For Dayak NCR landowners, this is illogical and does not make any sense, especially when the Federal Court ruling of Dayak NCR land cases was declared as no force of law,” Cobbold was highlighting about the current 400 cases on going trial and pending in court.

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