Mission to Parliament: Local Dayak party being put through trials and tribulations for this coming PRU

Kuching: Having all the odds against them, Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak Baru (PBDS Baru) is facing tough criticism by both PH and BN regime due to its contest in this upcoming GE14. Tremendous heat poured upon PBDS Baru which had been the talk in social media like Facebook.

The hard hitters like PKR and DAP Sarawak Dayak members are very sarcastic about the entire scenario, insulting and accusing PBDSB as being the interveners of PH goals to win the election in Sarawak.

The impression shown had cause a stir in the Dayak communities, in three major factors, those with BN, those with PH, and those whom remain as a neutral local opposition which are not siding to either side of the giant political regime. Comments from PBDS Baru president Cobbold John Anak Lusoi when being asked with regards to the above, he says that PBDS Baru had always been subjected to all sorts of accusation by both sides, it is not a surprise at all.

“Is PBDS Baru contesting in the upcoming GE14 will be the caused of either giant political coalition to win or lose the election? Does a peasant mosquito party like us plays the role of “pecah undi” (vote splitters) in such predicament? Are we being blamed for contesting as to give leverage to BN as claimed by majority Dayak members in PH? Since we are being recognized as a “peasant party, mosquito party”, by both PH and BN Sarawak, how is it possible that by contesting in this GE14, impacts the outcome of both political giants?”, Cobbold questioned.

“What are the rural farmers if compares to urban corporate players? PBDS Baru sentiments has not changed its Dayakism initiative ever since the deregistered PBDS days, the difference is that now, PBDS Baru are not funded by a tycoon or taukey, but all are self initiative Dayak community’s funding”, Cobbold said.

“Dayak Agenda was never resolved in a proper manner til now, that’s why the revival of Dayakism still lives in PBDS B. Are we (PBDS Baru) a racist party? Who says? We are a Dayak based party, even a Muslim Dayak, a Buddhist Dayak, Christian Dayak, etc, are most welcome to joined us. It has nothing to do with racism, we, the Dayak has issues unresolved and PBDS Baru is just the platform to voice it out, if not us, who will? If not now, when? Otherwise the issues in Dayak agenda shall not increase ever since, if it were to be properly solved since before, if it was solved, there won’t be a party Dayak at all today, right?” expressed Cobbold.

PBDS Baru is being accused of many things which personally I feel, it is the people’s democratic rights to do so. Are PBDS Baru a threat? Why should we be a threat if we are just a peasant mosquito party as claimed by many? We do not support both side bcos we know where we stand, if PH thinks that they should support Dayak cause, they can always support PBDS Baru by not condemning us for our democratic rights to stand for our people, we know we are not national players to form a government, but why they (PH) do not see that the opponents which we are fighting against, are the same regime? We do not deny that we had negative comment about PH and also BN on various occasions but we also do support both sides, on their right actions as well. Anyway, PBDS Baru had never oppose for the sake of just opposing, we only only oppose towards wrongdoings and unfairness, what is right, we support and what is wrong, we oppose, simple as that,” Cobbold lengthly explained.

When being asked about the comments by PH members which stipulates that PBDS Baru are totally irrelevant to this current national election and should just stick to state election instead; PBDSB Baru President Cobbold John says that it is very relevant to us, that to be part of this national election to show, that there is indeed Dayak in Malaysia. We had been categorized under the racial description of “Lain-Lain” (Others) and does not has the general recognition of our own tribal group race for the past 54 years. Now that Dayak are also building their careers in Malaya, they too need a Dayak recognition as a Sarawakian native indigenous. Being categorized under bumiputera is just a general description of being a native Malaysian but we as Dayak, need our own racial recognition, because we are considered the majority ethnic race from Sarawak. To do so, PBDS Baru has to be part of this coming GE14 election. Even though PBDS Baru are not able to form a government (in which we do not deny such claim), as claimed by those political group giants from Malaya, but we do seek consideration to those members of PH Sarawak especially the Dayak PH members, to at least give us this small favour, give a chance to this little peasant mosquito party of ours, to be the one voice to speak on behalf of our Dayak native indigenous people in parliament.

PBDS Baru hope they could be the bigger person to at least give us this small request and not condemning us for our initiative and efforts to be the voice of our Dayak race. Henceforth, PBDSB will NOT BE contesting in NON DAYAK majority area anyway, with at least 5 candidates as a whole, at least PH should be fair enough to have the decency to consider about it. They still have the chance to conquer all the other majority seats anyway.

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