PBDS Baru Potential Candidate, Mengga Mikui slammed PKR Simon Joseph over Facebook statement

SELANGAU – PBDS Baru Potential Candidate, Mengga Mikui slammed PKR Simon Joseph over Facebook statement.

He told press that such posting are immature. For us in PBDS Baru, we will never attack a person with such unprofessional conduct, but rather, we explain our policies to others in a much proper manner.

“I respect our former Tanjong Datu candidate, Rapelson Richard Hamit, whom is also our present Youth Chief, for taking up the challenge, to stand as the underdog candidate, even though he knows that he might lost his deposit which the communities sponsored him RM 5000 to contest by protesting the decision of Pemakai Menua and Pulau Galau, Rumah Sandah, Kanowit case, in which the outcome of the judgement made by Federal Court was not in favour of the NCR landowners, regardless whether the landowners has won the very same case at High Court and Court of Appeal”, Mengga said in his statement received here today.

Although the result was not in favour to the NCR land owners due to no force of law in such NCR case, yet the communities still entrust him to uphold the Dayak of Tanjong Datu to be the candidate for the by-election.

He added, no doubt that Rapelson had lost our (community) deposit, but to us, he has won it by indirectly procured 1.5 billion development project for the Tanjung Datu community. Thus shows that the impact of his lost in the by-election was actually a gained benefits for the Tanjung Datu people.

Now, we can see that PBDS Baru has become more community based in its movement, where such focus is more on community empowerment instead of politicking.

For example initially, the seat in Tanjong Datu, supposedly belonged to State Amanah to contest but the decision was later overruled by Amanah Nasional to not proceed to contest for the by-election instead. By doing so, it was later agreed by State Amanah to give way to local party like PBDSB to contest in the by-election by offering its candidate a chance to contest.

“PBDS Baru President, Cobbold John and the community came to save the day and offered Rapelson (whom was the initial candidate under State Amanah) instead, to contest in Tanjung Datu, to protest against Pemakai Menua and Pulau Galau decision and to protest other BN policy that is bad for the Tanjung Datu community. Even his PBDS Baru Tanjong Datu candidacy (during that time) was also supported by some of State Amanah and National Amanah members. His appointment letter was given and signed by PBDS Baru president, where this clearly shows that PBDS Baru is autonomous on its own decision as they don’t have to wait from KL or any higher authority to approve its candidates, as PBDS Baru can make the decision independently based on community interest which are not personal interest or party’s interest.” Mengga highlighted that the point that every decision made by PBDSB is always focus based on community’s best interests instead.

“I fully respect and admire Rapelson on his sentiments for Dayak and the Sarawak people as a whole. Even though it was not easy for him to fight the giant during the by-election but he still did it with whatever limited resources which PBDS Baru has during that time.

If Simon Joseph is so serious to topple BN, he should attack BN policies instead of attacking PBDS Baru policies. The policies such as, i.e., for a fulltime housewife getting an allowance of RM1000 per month, what was so wrong with that? As a full time housewife, all the burden is towards their husband alone. By having such allowance, it could also lessen their husband’s burden and also indirectly provide the opportunity for housewives to do a small capital business from her home to gain extra side income, for there are many options of home business nowadays, which can be promoted via the internet in various social media. The question we want to know, is he (Simon Joseph) an agent for BN to split the vote instead? By creating such mockery of a fellow opposition? By showing that PKR is far superior and that the rest of the local opposition in Sarawak are only just a joke to him? Or Maybe just because PBDS Baru is just a peasant party and not a city or national based party, that’s why he has forgotten about his local Sarawak for Sarawakian sentiments instead” stressed Mengga.

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