Dayak Economic Development Berhad (DEDB) holds its first meeting

Sibu – The promoters of Dayak Economic Development Berhad (DEDB) hold its first meeting at Sibu recently. The historic gathering was held on 24th March at The Ark, Sibu and attended by 16 participants.

The meeting was chaired by Rodney Raye who is also the Public Relation Officer of Dayak Economic Development Berhad (DEDB). In his statement, Rodney said he was very proud being part of DEDB which had just been introduced to the public about a month ago. However, the reception is quite well and up to date, DEDB managed to gather more than 400 members throughout Malaysia.

“DEDB is a company entity which owned by everyone of its members. The modus operandi is through Crowd Funding Concept (CFC) which is to gather a modal from its members as a capital to run the business”, he said.

“We are targeting around 1500 to 2000 Dayak as a member. The unique about DEDB and CFC concept is, whereby, every members are the shareholders and not the investor”, he said in his statement.

Rodney stated that, DEDB have study their business plan and amongst it is to set up a petrol station.

The idea of DEDB came from one of the popular WhatsApp Group Dayak Baru Agenda. The group founder, Julius Enchana in his statement said, DEDB could be a grand design of Dayak new economic concept.

” We shall thanked Judah Anom the founder of the idea of CFC concept. After series of discussion on Dayak Economics, and we found that CFC concept is the right platform for Dayak to start with. I’m glad when we able to translate our words into actions”, he said.

Jawi Anom, who is one of DEDB protem committee members said, DEDB expected to held its first General Meeting somewhere in June and Sibu will be the venue of the meeting. Jawi who is also the Chairman of Class F Contractor believes, DEDB will promotes a generative business culture and creates a Dayak business entity.

“I encouraged our fellow Dayaks to join us in DEDB because this is a very pregorative idea, where the vision of this yet to be registered company is to transform Dayak economic into a sustainable development”, he said.

Dayak Economic Development Berhad Protem Working Committe Chairman, Judah Anom, Vice Chairman Incham Serdin, Secretary Uncha Remang, Treasurer John Sinni Benang and Legal Advisor Alpha Dragam. Meanwhile, DEDB will form their branch working committee and will be announced accordingly. For further inquiries, please contact chairmain Judah Anom (019-8192303) or Publicity Officers Rodney Raye (019-8052983) and Julius Enchana (0198-487513).

Earlier, DEDB promoter also had a gathering at Bintulu. Among those present were Rodney Raye, Jawi Anom, Julius Enchana and Managing Director of SKUDAN Sdn. Berhad Datuk Paduka Michael Lias.

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