PRS President, James Jemut Masing talk rubbish about Dayak unity – PBDS

Kuching – The recent statement issued by Sarawak Deputy Chief Minister II and Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) President Tan Sri Datuk Amar Dr. James Jemut Masing declaring that PRS is now open to all Dayaks, including all Dayak elected representatives, for the sake of greater Dayak unity, seems not surprising as it was highlighted by him before on several occasions with regards to any doubts about PRS being a so called Dayak political party.

According to Bobby William, Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak (PBDS) finds it rather strange when Masing said in his statement, that his wishes was for PRS to be like the now-defunct old Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak (PBDS) in its heyday.

“It is rather weird to hear an ex-PBDS senior veteran whom is a current PRS President to say that PRS are now returning full circle so to speak, when they are allowed to come back and use the former PBDS headquarters, starting this March 31. Then, why he allowed the deregisteration to happen to the glorious PBDS in the first place, when it stands as a platform for genuine Dayak unity from the start?” said Bobby in his statement received here today.

“He (Masing) proclaimed that PRS now opens its door to all Dayaks for greater Dayak unity, only shows misinterpretation that PRS is officially open its doors to Dayak only now? Why the need to declare it now? By also stating that he will not tolerate those who try to break that unity, especially from within, is truly an understatement, when he is the one breaking such unity by not nominating his own Deputy President to stand as the parliament incumbent candidate for this upcoming election? Is that Dayak unity in the making? Or another history repeating of a Dayak’s broken shield all over again?” Bobby questioned.

“With such attitude towards his own Deputy President within his own party, gave a clear answer to his own question, “why can’t Dayak be united again” like the old PBDS days. He seem to be mocking the glorious days of Dayak unity in PBDS, by not doing the right thing with his own Deputy President. He has reaped what his sow by doing so,” said Bobby who is also PBDS Information Chief.

“On the upcoming general election, Masing reiterated his party’s stand that Lubok Antu and Selangau incumbents Datuk William Nyallau and Datuk Joseph Entulu would not be renominated to defend their respective seats. If every decision made is the party’s decision and not his, then, it is also the party’s decision to promote the disunity amongst the Dayak within the party. As an ex-PBDS, he should know better when it comes to “Dayakism” and by making his own Deputy President to be the next “Rentap” as how the historical downfall carried out, does not show any Dayakism of unity at all,” Bobby said again.

“It is so obvious that he does not show professional courtesy respect to his own PRS members, as when being asked about whether Entulu and Nyallau have been informed, Masing was only quipped to respond: “I presume they already know because they can read from the newspapers”. Is that the Dayak unity we anticipate to see in PRS? Let’s not repeat another episode of Dayak’s broken shield all over again, being self righteous does not unite the Dayak native indigenous people, we as Dayak should know this by now,” he pointed it to Masing.

Meanwhile, PBDS president lamented that, Dayak political unity only can be achieved outside Barisan Nasional (BN). While contacted by Dayak News Portal, Cobbold stressed that, since the day of its registration PRS had failed to represent the Dayak community compared to old PBDS.

“Everyone knows the story of the now defunt old PBDS and how the party was deregistered twice”, he said.

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