Cobbold John: Nothing Special Was Announced by Abang Jo

Sri Aman – The launching of Petros and the announcement of devolution of power to state by YAB Datu Patinggi Abang Zohari has no added value, yet, his keynote address are on the issues that every Sarawakians already know of, said Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak Baru (PBDS Baru).

“There is nothing special was announced by him. How could state gain back autonomous rights on its petrochemical rights if Petronas are being allowed to operate as usual?” Cobbold said in his statement.

In his so called speacial announcement, there is no mention of the need to amend TSA 2012 which limit our Territorial Water to only 3 nautical miles. State may legislate laws to gave authority to state to control all mining licences but if TSA 2012 remain as it is with no amenmend, those laws would become dormant

“Also Abang Jo did not mention of amending PDA 1974 which gave Federal all rights over our oil and gas resources which then gave Petronas the only license/rights”, Cobbold asserted.

“Can CM Abg Joe specifically declared that now Petronas need to get mining license from State as per Gas Distribution Bill and Oil Mining Ordinance? Can Abg Joe declared that Petros has equal power/status as Petronas? If yes, how is that possible when PDA 1974 remain as it is?”, he questioned.

Cobbold in his statement said, he is worried if Petros cannot play a fundemental key player in oil and gas.

Cobbold lamented, Abg Jo is just manipulating the MA63 and the State rights for political benefit only. He stressed that, infact, all those laws which has been legislate has no Constitutional Power (No Force of Law) if :

No amenmend made to TSA 2012 because this law restrict our Territorial Waters to only 3 nautical miles. Meaning to say, anything beyond that, everything goes to federal.

Secondly, no amedment made to PDA 1974 because this law gave power to Federal then to Petronas to have full authority over our oil and gas resources in perpetuity.

“These two law need to be amended. Only then State can assert its constitutional power However, it looks like a mixed message. On one hand he says the State will exercise its rights but on the other hand, the interest of Petronas will not be affected. What does this mean? It sounds like neither here nor there”, Cobbold said.

“Maybe, What CM meant could be, that Petronas can still continue but must abide by the law? Thus, how would it be, i.e. under which law? Is it the Federal PDA74 or the State Law (Mining Ordinance)? Does it mean that Petronas will still continue to get away with paying 5%?” Cobbold questioned.

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