Cobbold – Where are others Dayak Leaders in BN?

Sri Aman – Tan Sri Datuk Amar Dr. James Jemut Masing prompt response in the local daily news recently to counter Sanib’s statement was indeed timely, and also should be supported by all Dayak representatives (Yang Berhormat) in BN coalition.

Thus, it would be good if this statement by him, could also trigger more Dayak leaders, irrespective of their political party inclination, as well as the Dayak NGOs, to come forward in solidarity, to collectively voice out in the open, regarding this common issues, that affect their community.

While contacted by Dayak News Portal today, Cobbold said, the challenges for the Dayak is not only about these common issues itself, but also the leaders who are reluctant to make the difference, and rather play safe and just go with the flow.

He continues, by playing safe, they have inadvertently, have sent the wrong signals to the non-Dayak (like Sanib), that is, their assumptions about the issues would be, that, it is an isolated case and not as significance as being highlighted by Masing.

“This is one of the many challenges faced by the Dayak. Afraid or being trained to be afraid to voice out”, said him.

The Dayak’s slow and lukewarm response to any issues that affected their community, in general, are partly the reason why the Dayak are still lagging behind in many aspects.

However, having said so, the current leaders too, should not be the one totally, to shoulder the responsibilities, because, these issues have to be, a collective responsibilities.

“No doubt, there is always two sides to a coin, however, the Dayak should explore the ways to move forward, and to turn their weaknesses to opportunities”, Cobbold explain.

When asked whether Masing was capable of taking over Sarawak Chief Minister’s post, Cobbold said only Masing had the answer.

“He can’t erase his Dayakism spirit nor he can deny it. It is there, inside him”, said Cobbold.

“There are some truths in the hearsay, that the Dayak themselves, are their worst enemy. Only him had the answer”, said Cobbold.

“Dare to dream is my message to Masing. If he wanted to, he need to leave Barisan Nasional. Today, Dayak leaders in Barisan Nasional are no longer aspire to the chief minister`s seat. They are just passengers in the nation. They don`t carry their own weight, others are paddling for them”, Cobbold claimed.

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