Land Issues Arising From Privisional Lease (PL), Not a Definition of PMPG: PBDS’s Chief

Sri Aman – The decision of the PMPG conference to postpone the presentation of the Sarawak Land Code (SLC) from May to July DUN Sitting has raised many questions, especially NCR landowners.

In the opinion of PBDS Baru’s president, Cobbold John, the issue of native customary land originated from Provisonal Lease (PL) and the definition of PMPG became the secondary factor.

“I have repeatedly issued a press statement asking the Sarawak State Government to expose the status of land ownership in the state, but the government are in silent mode”, said Cobbold

“Provisional lease (PL) is like timber concessions. Who is the owner of the PL and who gave the PL is the main culprit behind the NCR issue,” said Cobbold.

He added, most of the NCR land and small holders oilpalm plantation are inside the provisional lease area.

In August last year, Cobbold was quoated as saying:

According to Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak Baru (PBDS Baru) president, Cobbold John, this would give rise to conflict of ownership between the natives and the Provisional Lease (PL) holders following the issuance of PL pursuant to Section 28 to statutory bodies, GLCs, companies or individuals (big towkays).

“PL holders shall not be allowed to enter unsurveyed land which is clearly stated under Section 28. No state land shall be alienated under this code unless and until the survey of the land has been completed to the satisfaction of the Land Superintendent, hence, survey is required before alieanation,” he said.

“Dayaks are in a dilemma; politics of development and joint venture partnership between natives and PL holders is a perfect political fragmentation of the Dayaks’ rights. From there we can see the divide-and-rule culture at play.

“The question now is whether the Sarawak state government will postpone all the court proceedings involving the NCR matters and whether the landowners are allowed to reclaim their land back?”, he asserted.

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