Tiong Only Worry About His Parliamentary Seat – Dr. John Brian Anthony

– In a recent Borneo Post report, Bintulu MP said the opposition parties and certain individuals had deliberately spread bad news about Barisan Nasional (BN) and its leaders just to win their votes.

It was reported that when speaking at the dinner organised by DAP Bintulu at a restaurant recently, Dr John Brian had said that during a series of visits to several longhouses in Kemena, the Bintulu MP had distributed RM50 per door in each longhouse that he visited just to fish for votes .

When contacted today, DAP strongman and Dayak Consultative Council (DCC) Chairman, Dr. John Brian Anthony said, Tiong must proved himself as good wakil rakyat and to blame opposition is something that is not quite right.

“It has been that say since 20 years ago but cost of living has raised significantly. Bintulu MP might not serious in serving the people of Bintulu but interested in keeping his seat for personal business agenda. Politics and business should not mix in order to keep your honesty and integrity”, he claimed.

He added, Tiong has no proper development plan for Bintulu. He is doing ad hoc work to win people vote.

“For Dayak who voted for him in Bintulu, he literally gives them peanuts. He is giving projects to his cronies. He talk loud but in a systematic organise way he gives almost nothing. Almost everything he is giving out  “cash assistance” from the business he got from being in politics”  he said.

“Why play with the vote of the rakyat. The country’s foreign debt has tripled to an all time high now, yet not much development is seen on the ground?” he asked.

“Dato Seri Tiong need to explain the truth to the people, why are many graduates still not able to find jobs and those with jobs starts anywhere between RM1500 to RM2400 depending on the employer”, John said.

In last the General Election, Tiong (BN-SPDP) gained 26,458 votes, while Dr. John Brian (DAP) gained 19, 025 votes.

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