11 Potential Seats in PBDS Considerations

Kuching – After releasing Saratok and Bintulu parliamentary seats, PBDS considers to contest in 11 potential seats. Earlier, PBDS had let go Bintulu’s seat to DAP and Saratok’s seat to PKR. This announcement was made by PBDS Election Director, Rapelson Richard Hamit.

He, who is also the party’s Youth Leader and Vice President, was appointed as PBDS Election Director last month, saying that the party had put in place a strategic plan in order to succeed in the upcoming general election.

Among the potential seats are the 6 Dayak Iban majority seats (Sri Aman, Lubok Antu, Selangau, Julau, Kanowit and Kapit), 3 Dayak Bidayuh majority seats (Puncak Borneo, Serian and Mas Gading) while 2 Dayak Orang Ulu majority seats (Limbang and Hulu Rajang). Seven of the eleven seats were belonged to PBDS before the party was deregistered by the ROS.

“I would like to thank the party leaders for giving me the chance as Election Director for PBDS and we would implementing a strict selection process,” he said. 

“This task is very challenging, especially in Najib-Mahathir war, but I will do my best”, he continues.

In addition, he also said PBDS is remains independent and did not allied to any opposition pacts, however, PBDS would collaborate with PH and SAKSAMA to ensure that the Barisan Nasional (BN) no longer in power. He added that it is likely that they would also place the candidates in the Lanang parliament, but that would depend on the situation in the future.

“Yes, maybe we are likely to field a candidate from the youth camp, but it depends on the current situation. The quarrel between SUPP-UPP will our advantage and it is our opportunity to open the eyes of the Iban community in the area. They had became SUPP-UPP  political tool”, he said.

“I think it is our responsibility to awaken our fellow Dayak in that area, “he said.

“And PH does not mess with our seats, PBDS is forced to forget the intention to contest 17 seats to avoid being labeled as a vote splitter, and we have given PH a chance to have one on  one fight with BN, please respect the local party,” he said.

PBDS earlier had announced to field it candidates for Puncak Borneo, Lubok Antu, Sri Aman and Selangau. It was reported that in Kapit a former military officer would be nominated and a lawyer for the Limbang seat. Whereas for Mas Gading and Serian the probability of the Deputy President and Secretary-General will be nominated.

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