PBDS Baru Never Engages With Any Political Alliance

Kuching – Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak (PBDS Baru) stressed that they have never been involved with any political alliance either BN, PH or SAKSAMA. The statement issued to deny the accusations by Political Analyst, Dr. Jeniri Amir who states that the party is part of SAKSAMA.

However, PBDS Baru action has received various reactions from various parties. Among the allegations being thrown were to consider them as BN’s political tool to split votes. However, many also believe that the revived PBDS is a political platform for the Dayak people and  for the community to determine their political destiny without depend on other political forces pioneered by the Malay, Melanau and Chinese communities.

In a media statement, PBDS Baru explained that they chose not to join any political coalition to avoid similar fate as the previous SNAP and PBDS faced.

“We have never form a party, but we revive our party, that is, PBDS,” said Rapelson who is also PBDS Baru Election Director.

“Protem President Louis Jarau has once explained to the media that PBDS has never been removed from BN component before it was dissolved by ROS in 2004. But he said the party’s direction would be determined during the Three Yearly Conference and in 2016 we have declared the stand as local opposition”, Rapelson said.

But the statement has become BN’s political propaganda material as well as PH to ruin the reputation of the Dayak-based party.

According to him, if PH really serious to cooperate, they should not bring the Malaya Agenda and must acknowledge the existence of local parties in the state.

“The Dayak and the people of Sarawak have already 55 years under UMNO-PBB proxy policy and it was sad, Sarawak’s wealth has been blown away by Malaya,” he said.

“What remains for us is NCR land and the rights of indigenous people will be eroded if Sarawak land policy under the BN Government is not refined,” he explained.

Therefore, the existence of PBDS is not only to fight for the fate of the Dayaks, but to defend Sarawak’s right in the eroded MA63.

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