Where is Batang Ai Proposed Airport?- Cobbold John

Sri Aman – Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak (PBDS Baru) demand  explaination  from Sarawak Bn Government on the propsed Batang Ai airport as published by Borneo Post 7 years ago.

On 25 May 2010, the then Minister for Infrastructure Development and Communications Dato Seri Michael Manyin Jawong (BN/PBB) quoted as saying there was a proposed for Batang Ai to have it own airport. 

“He told Batang Ai assembleyman that the proposal had been submitted under the Ministry of Transport programme”, said Cobbold. 

Cobbold who is the party president and the proposed PBDS candidate for P202 Sri Aman, expressed his concern over the issue. He said, people of Batang Ai still very much rely on river transportation to commute from their longhouses to the town area. 

Apart from the Airport. Modern hospital were proposed to be built to cater for people in Lubok Antu

“We are less than three years toward a developed nation and Vision 2020. Are we on the right track?”, Cobbold.

He urge the voters in Sri Aman and Lubok Antu to give PBDS Baru mandate to represent rakyat in Coming parlimentary

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