Dayak Are The Decisve Factor In Upcoming GE14 – PBDS Baru

Kuching – Dayak are the decisve factors to determine the next government of Malaysia. As a majority race in Sarawak with 47% population, Dayak should place their vote wisely. PBDS Baru in their statement predicted there will be a major changes after the GE14 which will be held anytime from now. 
The party Youth Chief recently had issued a several statements pertaining to Dayak position in the present and the future Malaysia Government. According to him, Dayak have been sidelined during the governance of Barisan Nasional in the past 54 years since the formation of Malaysia. It was proven, the present government under Barisan Nasional is not the right choice for the Dayak to stay with and Dayak must take up a new challenge.  There a lot of prediction Pakatan Harapan (PH) will form the new government of Malaysia and expected to provide a better governance. 

However, he said, the Dayak must have its own political platform and PBDS Baru is a Dayak political vehicle to pursue their struggles. Hence, the PBDS have made a right decision to be a standalone state opposition in order to obsorve and adapt to a new political landscape.

The recent act by BN government bringing Iban Community Leaders from Batang Rajang to meet Najib at KL prove that BN need Dayak to remain in power. The Pakatan Harapan (PH) also need 47% of Dayak to get into power. The Dayak factor remain to be seen and be relevant. Dayak is the key to take over Putrajaya.

“What Dayak should do next? What will happen after the GE14? Will the Dayaks be better or worse than they are today in terms of political unity, educational, social and economic progress?”, asked Rapelson

He continues, the new Dayak era is to unite themselves in one Dayak entities and build Dayak Baru Agenda together, and, that is the renaissance of Dayak politics. 

“That is what Dayakism the feeling of being a Dayak and always proud to be a Dayak to create new Bansa Dayak. With this, i assured you, PBDS Baru is your vessel”, he explained.

He said, an agenda is not a dream, but an action plan and well progammed with a clear roadmap. With the new political scenario, it is high probable that the next tsunami will hit the shores of Sarawak. If this happens, it is not only possible for PBDS Baru and fellow Dayak commrades to play a meaningful and bigger role in politics and the aims to make Dayak great again ascending the throne of Chief Minister.

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