PBDS Baru : Merry Christmas To All Malaysian, We Are Democratic Secular State Nation

Sri Aman – Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak Baru(PBDS Baru) would to wish all Malaysian a Merry Christmas and Blessfull season to all. It is that time of year joyful and cheers of united celebrations which are jointly celebrated by all Christian faithfulls.

The importance of Christmas is to keep in mind the birth of Christ and the saviour of all, which spreads the gospel of the new testament with the importance of love, unity, harmony, peace and forgiveness. It is not just a festive season to the Christian faithful but more of a spiritual celebration for the coming of the Lord with its divine mercy into this world.

As Christians, we are constantly reminded to be strong in our faith to endure the trials and tribulations in our lives, which is undoubtedly a constant seductive  temptations and disturbance in this world. With so many negative impact and activities which had been going about throughout the world in different age of timelines of history until today, we should never forget our Creator, the reasons of humans being created and the importance of a unified steadfast love which we should practise in our daily live.

It is been a long while since we last seen Christmas being promoted and advertised in our national television network. But we duly hope that as a “democratic secular state nation” government, we hope to see equality and fairness towards all in Malaysia.

We pray for equality, fairness and democratic justice for all. We hope that GOD shall bestows HIS utmost blessings upon our nation. Let us all be more reflective of our actions in the past and be more diligent in our decision making towards the future. Malaysia needs to promote strongly the unity of humanity in general, rather than being segregated into racial or religious disputes & indifferences as a nation.

From all of us, in Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak Baru (PBDS Baru), we would like to wish all multiracial, multicultural and multi-religious communities in Malaysia, especially our Christian families, a blessed Christmas and also a blessed New Year to all in advance. GOD Bless.

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