Malaysian Medical Graduates in a Dilemma – PBDS Youth

Kuching – PBDS Youth described the dilemma faced by medical grads in Malaysia and the difficulties for them to get a job placement in Government Hospital is due to the lack of solid effort by the government of Malaysia.

Its Youth Chief, Rapelson said, every medical degree holder who wishes to practice medicine in Malaysia is required to undergo housemanship training. However, there’s a big problem that’s being faced by Malaysia’s fresh medical school graduates, and it is the lack of housemanship positions available. 

Rapelson said he received several complaints from fresh medical graduates and generally speaking, it happen to all medical graduates in Malaysia especially the long duration of waiting for placement. While the rural area health facilities are related to Sarawak.

According to him, there are about 700 -800 medical gradutes that still either waiting for placement and probably more are going to need to wait for more than 4 months since some already pass the SPA filter, while some pending reply from SPA

“But,there are also some smaller problems that also contribute to this whole cycle”, said him.

Too long of getting placement (some need more than 6 months) compare to previous years (batch before 2009) due to massive number of graduates. Yet, hospitals in Sarawak (SGH, Sibu, and Miri) still lack of man power and HO still need to do on call during tagging. Not only that, senior medical officers in rural area clinics and hospital need more man power.

Empowerment between States and Federal Public Service Commision(SPA) is differ (Sarawak and Federal) and apparently Sarawakians graduates have to wait more longer compare to Semenanjung and Sabahan graduates.

Sarawakians students need to actually go to KL to do their registrations (MMC) and take their cert while isnt that better to actually have a branch of MMC in Sarawak to perform all these task/registration/certificate handling.

There are a lot of Pre HO workshops or talks in Semenanjung, but non in Sarawak which might lead to lacking of prior knowledges among Sarawakians graduates before entering their Housemanship

According to the latest intake, SGH only open 9-15 vacancies per intake compare to Miri and Sibu, while HKL always open 30-40 vacancies (HKL is tertiary same as SGH) yet, they still lack of HO to take care of wards and ER.

For starters, the Higher Education Ministry implemented a five year freeze on the startup of new medical degree courses in local universities back in 2011. Then in 2016, the Health Ministry decided to extend it another 5 years, or until the “supply and demand balances out.”

“Malaysia’s policy is to provide the kind of healthcare matching that of the developed world, for, we cannot claim to have arrived if the country’s healthcare is only a little better than it is now. If the authorities expect Malaysians to pursue their medical studies abroad, then the likelihood is that they will not come home. Doctors are always needed somewhere, everywhere”, said Rapelson.

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